Meet the Team

Emma Radcliffe –  Service Manager

A couple of years ago I experienced a cancer scare of my own and found exercise an incredibly helpful means of coping. Combined with my professional background in medical research, this is what inspired me to help run such a positive healthcare project and one which I hope will benefit the lives of hundreds and thousands of patients. My role at Active Against Cancer is to coordinate the running of the service and to manage all referrals. Please come and talk to me if you any question on how to get involved.

Steve Henwood – Lead Trainer

It is not uncommon for lives to unravel when facing any serious illness and I understand the challenges you may face. I am a truly caring, genuine and approachable person who wants you to succeed and I am dedicated to ensuring that from a fitness view at least, you are as fit as you can be. I have a depth of knowledge and expertise in encouraging individuals with complex medical conditions to make new lifestyle changes and improve their physical fitness. I see clients as individuals and whatever level of fitness you have I will help you improve, leave each session with a ‘win’, however small and ensure all your fitness sessions are safe, effective and fun.

Kerry Archer  – Lead Physio

Having graduated from the University of Teesside in 2007 I have worked in the NHS for 12 years specialising in Oncology at Hull University Teaching Hospitals for the last 5 years. My passion for improving the quality of life for others is the driving force behind all that I do. I’m a keen triathlete representing Great Britain at Age Group and can usually be found on my bike, in the pool or out running! I am hugely excited about embarking on this new project and helping people to become more active and achieve better long term health outcomes.

Emma Goodwin-Jones
Physical Trainer

For me, being active is a way of supporting ourselves in our lives outside of the gym, so  that we can do the things we enjoy… though it can be difficult to see what this looks like when facing a cancer diagnosis. It’s an overwhelming time and it can be hard to know where to start, or what’s safe. I am passionate in supporting people to find how this looks for them and to feel improvements in their quality of life – whether it’s moving better, doing something you didn’t think you could do or feeling more confident in everyday life. I enjoy making sessions safe and effective, though I hope that you might also find them fun – something that is so overlooked when we become an adult.

Hannah Longster
Pilates instructor

Exercise is powerful, it can make us stand a little taller, think a little clearer, and feel a lot better. I’m really excited to be a part of this project, at Active Against Cancer I’d like you to leave each session feeling more balanced, uplifted and empowered. I’m passionate about helping people to discover or rediscover their love of exercise and realise what a benefit it can be to our bodies and our minds, especially in challenging times

Aimee Bellwood
Yoga Instructor

As a yoga teacher with a special interest in students who are not typical yogi’s and may be nervous about starting a yoga practice, I’m excited to be working as a part of the team to offer a beginners level yoga. With a specialism in tight, stiff, senior and beginners yoga, with a sporty back ground myself, I am looking forward to offering a bespoke class to Active Against Cancer students in a supportive, encouraging and understanding environment.

Charles O’Donnell
Personal Trainer

Having supported someone with cancer, I know the effect it can have on your family and those closest to you. I appreciate that supporting someone in this position is never about one thing but about many different things. I joined the project because I truly believe that exercise is a fantastic opportunity to improve your quality of life and to strengthen your resolve to achieve the best possible outcome. Laughs are the extra added ingredient.

Personal Trainer

My mum passed away earlier this year after a short illness with lung cancer. I had been frequently frustrated with mum over the last few years, as she wouldn’t change her lifestyle, including taking up exercise, as she didn’t realise the importance. I feel her outcome could have been so different.

Meeting patients with such a positive attitude and determination to keep strong and active throughout and after their treatment is amazing. I’m loving the opportunity I’ve been given to work with cancer patients in Harrogate, helping them improve their quality of life, and building stronger bodies and minds to get them through this tough period in their lives.

I love exercise, running is my passion, and I see time and time again the positive impact exercise has on people’s lives.

Our Co-Founders

We have lots of team members working hard behind the scenes to raise awareness of the benefits of exercise in cancer and improve the experience and treatment for patients living with cancer in the region, including our Clinical Lead Dr Tom Collyer and service manager Vicky Wester.

Dr Tom Collyer –  Clinical Lead
Vicky Wester –  Service Manager

Working in Partnership with…

Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre

Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre

At Active Against Cancer we have close ties with the Health and Wellbeing programme at the Sir Robert Ogden Macmillan Centre (SROMC).
Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre

Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre

All of our assessments and classes take place at our base at Harrogate Sports and Fitness Centre.
Macmillan Nurses

Macmillan Nurses

We have close ties with all local Cancer Nurse Specialists (CNSs), including Noreen Hawkshaw, Macmillan Lead Nurse for Cancer.

Active Against Cancer is a Harrogate & District NHS Foundation Trust service.