Online Classes

On this page you will find lots of ready-made video sessions, which you can complete in your own time, with minimal equipment. We recommend you stick to the sessions that are most similar to the ones you do with us.

For technical tips, and advice on how to build your own sessions click here.

When exercising at home…


• Always warm up before exercising, and cool down afterwards. These are always included in our sessions, but you can repeat these elements if you feel you need longer

• Wear comfortable and loose clothing and appropriate footwear

• Eat lightly beforehand and drink plenty of water

• Review our exercise library if you are unsure of how to perform a particular exercise or want to improve your technique

• Log your sessions in our exercise diary, to keep a track of your progress

Stop exercising if you suddenly experience…

• Chest pains or tightness

• Dizziness or nausea

• Clamminess or cold

• Increasing wheeziness/ shortness of breath

• Joint or muscle pain over and above the level of exercise you are doing. All little muscle ache is good

• Feeling overly tired

*During the COVID-19 period we will be adding regularly to our set of online classes. Please check back for more of your favourite sessions*